The process of Duracoating a firearm starts with the firearm being completely disassembled. Then the pieces are blasted using 120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media.

After blasting the parts are cleaned with a liquid degreasing agent and hung to dry. At this point, they will not be handled again, which reduces the chance of any oils from hands getting on the parts.

Once the parts have completely dried they are ready to be painted. It is hard to tell how thick most Duracoat paint jobs are but Under Ground Gun Works strives to keep within .25 mils to 1.5 mils thick.

On areas where tolerances could be an issue, we light coat those areas until the area is completely covered then stop.

On areas where there is going to be a lot of handling or holster wear (and tolerances are not an issue), we typically coat those areas up to 1.5 mils to handle the extra wear.

After the parts have been coated they are hung to dry for 24-48 hours.

Once they are dry the firearm is reassembled.

Duracoat takes up to 30 days to completely cure and harden.

You can use the firearm during this time but it is not recommend using heavy cleaning solvents until fully cured.

Things that can be Duracoated:

  • Wood Stocks
  • Polymer Stocks
  • Metal Frames
  • Polymer Frames
  • Slides
  • Magazines

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