The process of Hydrodipping starts with choosing the pattern you want your firearm dipped in. As this technology becomes more popular more patterns are created.

The best way to choose a pattern is just Google Hydrodipping patterns. Find a couple you like and we can likely get one of them.

Since the hydrodippling film is transparent the firearm has to be coated in a Duracoat color before the firearm is coated.

Once the pattern and undercoat are selected, the firearm is disassembled and cleaned. The parts are prepped and Duracoated. (Please see theduracoat tab for the description on that process). Once the Duracoat has cured the parts are ready to be coated with the film.

The Hydrodipped pattern is cut to size and laid on top of water (in a tub). After a few minutes the pattern liquefies and the part to be coated is dipped in. The pattern then sticks to the part being dipped. The part is then hung to dry.

Once dry it is coated with an automotive grade clear coat to help project it. Once the clear coat has dried the firearm can be reassembled.

Under Ground Gun Works has great success in longevity with Hydrodipped weapons, but it like any other finishes can get scratched or chipped.

This does not mean you have to use white cotton gloves to handle the firearm - but it also does not mean that you can abuse the gun and not worry about it. Hydrodipping is only as strong as the clear coat surface.