Under Ground Gun Works offers a full line of Saiga Conversions on ALL calibers:

  • Trigger move

  • Install new Trigger Guard

  • Install New Furniture

  • Opening of Gas ports

  • New Sights

  • Refinishing

  • Hard Chroming and Polishing Bolt

  • Hard Chrome Complete gun

  • Cut barrel down

  • Muzzle Break installation

To do a complete build the factory rifle/shotgun is stripped down and the trigger guard is removed.

Depending on your request, the old holes from the trigger move can be welded up or filled with the standard plastic buttons.

The gas block is then removed and the gas ports are inspected and modified as needed. The whole gun is then media blasted to remove the cheap spray paint that comes on most factory guns. It can then be Duracoated, Black Oxide or Hard chromed depending on what is requested.

The bolt is sanded and reshaped to optimize reliable cycling. Once this is completed the bolt is polished and then hard chromed. We have found that the bolt cycles much better after hard chrome and also makes it easier to clean.

The gun is then reassembed, using Tapco G2 single hook triggers on most builds unless another choice is requested.

As there are an ever widening number of companies making parts for the Saigas -- we let you choose the kind of trigger guard, forearm and stock set up that fits your needs best. We have worked with virtually all of them and some are better than others but they all seem to work just fine.

Once the gun is assembled it is test fired.

Under Ground Gun Works can set the gun up to run whichever kind of ammo requested.