The process of Stippling starts with the firearm being field stripped and mag release removed.

A stippling pattern is then drawn on the firearm with a pencil. The stippling process is then a series of melting/reshaping the plastic with a custom made soldiering machine until the design is filled in.

Under Ground Gun Works' technique takes longer but in our and out past customer's opinion produces a more uniform “factory” look with better than factory texture.

In addition to adding a better grip texture we can also reduce the trigger guard to get your finger higher up on the gun, remove finger "gloves" put in from factory, or change the angle of the grip (mainly Glocks).

We can also do custom designs including words and other unique designs.

Once the pattern is completed the firearm is reassembled and ready to ship back to you.

Things that can be stippled:

  • Polymer frame pistols
  • Polymer stocks
  • Polymer grips
  • Polymer forearms